Kidney Beans

Hot Bean Sandwiches

Hot Bean Sandwiches 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This Tex-Mex meatball sandwich recipe is sure to please teens and kids alike. With kidney beans, ground beef and Italian sausage, this sandwich is full of protein and traditional Tex-Mex flavor. Serve on long sandwich rolls or pita bread. read more

Jamaican Red Beans & Rice

Jamaican Red Beans & Rice 1024 680 Eat USA Beans
A good rice and beans recipe conjures up feelings of home, and this cozy take is no exception. Coconut milk gives this rice and beans recipe a unique island flair. Serve this as a main dish or as a side dish with Jamaican Jerk Chicken! read more

Heart Healthy Turkey Chili

Heart Healthy Turkey Chili 684 510 Eat USA Beans
Warm up with a bowl of turkey chili! This heart healthy dinner option is packed full of flavor and protein to deliver a tasty, nutritious meal. read more

Quick & Easy Cassoulet

Quick & Easy Cassoulet 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This easy bean casserole is full of flavor and feels like home. Just bake and serve with a thick slice of lightly buttered rye bread and a cold tossed salad. You can lower the sodium in this recipe by using low-sodium kielbasa and low-sodium beans and tomato sauce. read more

Southwest Lean Bean Scramble

Southwest Lean Bean Scramble 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This quick, spicy scramble fits in well with busy mornings. Multiply recipe and repeat cooking procedure for additional servings. With kidney beans and egg whites, this is a nutrient-packed, vegetarian breakfast! read more

Asian Bean & Rice Rolls

Asian Bean & Rice Rolls 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
Looking for a good kidney bean recipe? These Asian bean and rice rolls are a light, tasty dish. Enjoy loose or wrapped in a lettuce leaf, and spice it up with a store-bought Asian ginger sauce. read more

Thai Chicken & Bean Wraps

Thai Chicken & Bean Wraps 1024 685 Eat USA Beans
Think of this recipe as a complete Asian meal nestled in a tortilla. These bean wraps contain all kinds of nutrients from veggies and beans, while packing the flavor with garlic and Thai peanut sauce – which will be hard to resist using on other dishes too, like noodles and rice. read more
Kidney Bean and Kale Tacos

Kidney Bean and Kale Tacos

Kidney Bean and Kale Tacos 681 1025 Eat USA Beans
Sher Castellano, With Food + Love These Kidney Bean and Kale Tacos are hearty, healthy, and full of plant-based protein. They’re also naturally vegan and gluten-free. read more

Kidney Bean Burger

Kidney Bean Burger 681 1022 Eat USA Beans
Kanan Patel, Spice Up The Curry This is the BEST kidney bean burger you’ll ever try! Indian spiced kidney bean & sweet potato patty is topped with delicious, creamy yogurt sauce and sauteed onion, bell pepper. read more