Raisin Bean Muffins

Raisin Bean Muffins 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This raisin bean muffin recipe is high in fiber and low in cholesterol – a great combo! Bean muffins are moist, flavorful and packed with protein. With cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, this recipe is full of spice and interesting flavor. read more

Spicy Breakfast Burrito

Spicy Breakfast Burrito 1024 735 Eat USA Beans
Try our spicy breakfast burrito recipe for a delicious breakfast for your Valentine! This recipe calls for all the favorite Southwest ingredients: cilantro, salsa, cheese…but jalapenos pack the heat and spice up this black bean morning favorite. read more

Bean Souffle

Bean Souffle 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This seemingly complicated bean soufflé recipe is as easy as turning on a blender and whipping up some egg whites! Great Northern or navy beans can be substituted for the lima beans. read more

Black Bean & Walnut Burgers

Black Bean & Walnut Burgers 1024 678 Eat USA Beans
Grilling season seems to officially be upon us! This delicious, vegan black bean burger recipe can be made ahead of time and grilled or pan fried when ready to eat. read more


Falafel 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This falafel recipe is full of authentic flavor and paired with a fresh, crisp side dish. It could also be served with our delicious hummus recipe, or a traditional tahini sauce. read more

Jamaican Red Beans & Rice

Jamaican Red Beans & Rice 1024 680 Eat USA Beans
A good rice and beans recipe conjures up feelings of home, and this cozy take is no exception. Coconut milk gives this rice and beans recipe a unique island flair. Serve this as a main dish or as a side dish with Jamaican Jerk Chicken! read more

Southwest Lean Bean Scramble

Southwest Lean Bean Scramble 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
This quick, spicy scramble fits in well with busy mornings. Multiply recipe and repeat cooking procedure for additional servings. With kidney beans and egg whites, this is a nutrient-packed, vegetarian breakfast! read more

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros 1024 685 Eat USA Beans
The authentic Mexican breakfast dish, Huevos Rancheros, is easy to make and packed full of flavor. Pinto beans and eggs add nutrients while green chiles, cilantro and lime juice add spice and fresh zest! read more


Hummus 1024 640 Eat USA Beans
This hummus recipe is a party staple that is easy to pull together at the last minute! If you’re looking for a flavorful garbanzo bean dip, look no further – with red chiles, garlic and sesame seeds, it pops! Serve it with pita bread, crackers and vegetables for a tasty, healthy, easy treat. read more

Black Bean Cakes

Black Bean Cakes 1024 683 Eat USA Beans
These spicy black bean cakes have a satisfying crunch to them, and pack a variety of bold flavors to match. They can be made ahead of time to make for a quick and easy cooked meal – just stop at step 2, and finish up the recipe just before serving. read more