The Pulse on Cooking With Beans

The Best Bean Recipes from Around the World

Beans play a starring role in cultures and cuisines around the world. From soups to dips to plant-based burgers, the versatile bean has no limits. Simply put, beans can do it all, sweet, savory, frozen, canned, dry, full of fiber and packed with nutrients, beans are having a moment as they move from side dish to the center of the plate.

Try these recipes from the U.S. and around the world to explore the many ways to enjoy U.S. beans.

Thai Chicken & Bean Wraps 1024 685 Eat USA Beans

Thai Chicken & Bean Wraps

Think of this recipe as a complete Asian meal nestled in a tortilla. These bean wraps contain all kinds of nutrients from veggies and beans, while packing the flavor with garlic and Thai peanut sauce – which will be hard to resist using on other dishes too, like noodles and rice.

Tutu De Feijao - Brazilian Refried Beans in bowl
Tutu de Feijão (Brazilian Refried Beans) 681 1025 Eat USA Beans

Tutu de Feijão (Brazilian Refried Beans)

Olivia Mesquita, Olivia’s Cuisine
Tutu de Feijão is a typical Brazilian dish that is a must-try if you’re a bean lover!

Vegan Black Bean Meatballs
Vegan Black Bean Meatballs 681 679 Eat USA Beans

Vegan Black Bean Meatballs

Flavia Machioni, @flaviamachioni
How about new ways of enjoying our beloved and so traditional black beans?! These vegan meatballs are the perfect recipe for you to try.

Vegetarian Succotash Stir-Fry spoonful
Vegetarian Succotash Stir-Fry 681 472 Eat USA Beans

Vegetarian Succotash Stir-Fry

Derrick Worthey, This Worthey Life
Get ready for a healthy 30-minute meal! This Vegetarian Succotash Stir-Fry recipe is made with fresh vegetables, lima beans, and light brown rice.

Vietnamese Chicken and Bean Stew
Vietnamese Chicken and Bean Stew [gà nấu đậu] 681 452 Eat USA Beans

Vietnamese Chicken and Bean Stew [gà nấu đậu]

Suzanne Nuyen, Bun Bo Bae
A favourite of Thali chef Asha, who often cooks a big pot of this deeply flavoursome and wholesome dal for family and friends.

White Bean Chili 724 483 Eat USA Beans

White Bean Chili

Of all white bean recipes, this one is worth saving! Our white bean chili is the perfect comfort meal, packed with chicken and any white bean of your choosing — lima, Great Northern, or navy.