The Pulse on Cooking With Beans

The Best Bean Recipes from Around the World

Beans play a starring role in cultures and cuisines around the world. From soups to dips to plant-based burgers, the versatile bean has no limits. Simply put, beans can do it all, sweet, savory, frozen, canned, dry, full of fiber and packed with nutrients, beans are having a moment as they move from side dish to the center of the plate.

Try these recipes from the U.S. and around the world to explore the many ways to enjoy U.S. beans.

Kidney Bean Burger 681 1022 Eat USA Beans

Kidney Bean Burger

Kanan Patel, Spice Up The Curry
This is the BEST kidney bean burger you’ll ever try! Indian spiced kidney bean & sweet potato patty is topped with delicious, creamy yogurt sauce and sauteed onion, bell pepper.

Locro soup from Argentina
Locro 640 426 Eat USA Beans

Locro is a classic Argentinian dish similar to American chili, made with a variety of beans and multiple types of meat.

Mexican Black Bean and Spinach Pizza 1024 683 Eat USA Beans

Mexican Black Bean and Spinach Pizza

This black bean pizza recipe tops any you’ll find at a pizza joint. Packed with flavorful salsa, spinach, cilantro, and cheese, this is a must-bake black bean pizza recipe, and well loved by the whole family!

Middle Eastern White Bean Pitas 1024 683 Eat USA Beans

Middle Eastern White Bean Pitas

Packed with flavorful spices, veggie varieties, and nutritional value, this is a white bean recipe you don’t want to miss out on! These middle eastern pitas make for a quick, light, delicious, and healthy meal. Serve with a cucumber or green salad.

Navy Bean Sundal Salad
Navy Bean Sundal Salad 681 1025 Eat USA Beans

Navy Bean Sundal Salad

Priya Lakshminarayan, Cookilicious
Here is a snack you can make in just 15 minutes! Sundal is a very nutritious vegan snack where Navy Beans are cooked then tossed in a flavorful seasoning.

One Dish Rosemary Chicken and White Beans 724 483 Eat USA Beans

One Dish Rosemary Chicken and White Beans

This rosemary chicken and white bean meal is quick, affordable, and its minimal ingredients are likely already waiting in your pantry! Rosemary, tomatoes and kalamata olives spice up this quick and traditional, French Provencal dish.